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Interim President receives Culture Minister

Published the:  03/05/2011

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May 3, 2011- TAP - Caretaker President Foued Mebazaa received, on Tuesday, Culture Minister Ezzedine Bach Chaouch who informed him of the Ministry's activities and its agenda for the period to come.
On this occasion, Mr. Mebazaa commended the success of Tunisian feature film "La khawfa baad al yawm" (No Longer Scared, from Today on) which is to compete at the 64th Cannes Festival's official selection.
He pointed out that such a success would undoubtedly strengthen Tunisia's international position and its radiance and make better known, through a world film event like this one, the Tunisian cultural product after the January 14, 2011 Revolution.
Besides, the talk provided the opportunity to discuss means to help multiply cultural activities in the country, especially those targeting youths, by making use for cultural purposes of the dissolved Constitutional Democratic Rally buildings which were recovered by the State, across the country's different regions.
The Interim President also took interest in the historical and archaeological sites. He reminded of the imperative for the Culture Ministry to identify efforts to be made to ensure efficient and permanent preservation of these archaeological areas.