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Governmental source: Mr. Rajhi's remarks undermine public security

Published the:  05/05/2011

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May 5, 2011 – TAP  - The remarks made by Chairman of High Human Rights and Fundamental Liberties Committee Farhat Rajhi, on Wednesday on Facebook, about the period during which he had served as Interior Minister, generated uproar within political circles.
The Caretaker Government described these remarks "as grave ones from a former senior official at this sensitive time in the history of the country when there is a serious need for wisdom and level-headedness."
Communication officer to the Caretaker Government Moez Sinaoui voiced, in a statement to TAP news agency, the Government's astonishment at the "rather so serious statements from a former senior official and a Minister heading a sovereign department." He explained that seriousness of these words lies in particular in "spreading false information that sows doubt, undermine public order and make a plaything with the citizens' feelings."
He added that these remarks which were made by an official who is "submitted to the rule of reserve" would feed sectionalist feelings and damage the prestige of the military institution which enjoys total national consensus around it.
Besides, he explained that this official should be fully aware of the implications of his remarks, particularly at this delicate stage the country is going through.
For his part, Mr. Rajhi refused to comment on this, viewing "the atmosphere as already tense enough."
Mr. Farhat Rajhi made those remarks, which were posted on Facebook, about the period when he had served as Interior Minister, as well as about the reasons behind his dismissal. He notably spoke of the role played by businessman Kamel Letaief on the political scene.
Rajhi described the latter as the shadow man who pulls the strings of political life in the country.
The Chairman of the High Human Rights and Fundamental Liberties Committee also commented on the reasons for General Rachid Ammar's promotion to the rank of Chief of Staff of the three armies, a promotion which, he argued, "aims to prepare him to take power in case of the Islamists' victory in the coming elections."
For his part, Mr. Kamel Letaief said to the press that these statements fall within the ambit of the law. He also accused Mr. Rajhi of "lacking political savvy."