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Chairman of the National Bar of Tunisia: the lawyer profession requires today revision of the 1989 Act

Published the:  10/05/2011

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May 10, 2011 - TAP - Interim Prime Minister Béji Caïd Essebsi received, on Tuesday, Mr. Abderrazak Kilani, Chairman of the National Bar of Tunisia.
After the meeting, the Chairman of the Bar told TAP news agency that "the talk focused on the draft decree-law on the lawyer profession," underlining that lawyers are waiting for its approval.
Mr. Kilani added that the draft decree-law would correct the abuses resulting from the "obstinacy of the former regime which starved lawyers and stifled the profession." He said that the lawyer profession requires today revision of the 1989 Act, in such a manner as to ensure lawyers' freedom to defend citizens' rights and prioritize the rule of law.
The Chairman of the Bar said the meeting had also reviewed the general situation in the country, stressing the lawyers' keenness to see transition take place under the best circumstances, particularly through the organization of free and transparent elections, all the more so that the legal framework is ready, after Monday's approval of the line-up of the High Independent Authority for Elections.
He voiced hope that the National Constituent Assembly's election will take place on the already agreed-on date, i.e., July 24, 2011.
He emphasized "the need for return to legal legitimacy," through the election of constitutional institutions by means of a free, transparent and independent election.
In conclusion, the Chairman of the Bar pointed out that the current stage requires that all sides join efforts.
He called upon citizens to show civism, avoid disorder, sit-ins and strikes, since, he said, the establishment of democracy requires sacrifices and commitment to the Revolution values: freedom and dignity.