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Situation of media sector in transitional stage and means to restore confidence of journalists examined

Published the:  11/05/2011

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May 11, 2011 TAP - The situation of media in this transitional stage in Tunisia and means to restore the confidence of journalists in such a way as to testify to the political will of promoting the sector were the focus of the meeting Interim Prime Minister Béji Caïd Essebsi had on Wednesday with Mr. Kamel Labidi, Chairman of the National Independent Authority for the Reform of Information and Communication.
"The process to reform the media sector can succeed only if the professionals have the possibility to take initiatives and contribute to improve the performance of their institutions," Mr. Labidi said at the end of the meeting, adding that "this process cannot lead to positive results as long as repeated attacks are recorded against journalists as what happened last Friday".
Mr. Labidi also declared that the Prime Minister had affirmed that "it is by no means allowed to put pressure on journalists or to attack them while they are working".
The Government will take into account the different propositions put forward by the High Authority to reform the sector and promote the conditions of journalists, he added.
The meeting was attended by the four members of the High Authority for the Reform of Information and Communication.