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Restitution of assets of ousted president and his family requires absolute discretion (BCT)

Published the:  13/05/2011

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May 13, 2011 – TAP  - Tunisia's Central Bank Governor Mustapha Kamel Nabli said, on Friday in a news conference, that Tunisia stands very serious chances to recover an important part of the assets of the ousted president and his family abroad, pointing out that the launched procedures require absolute discretion so that the concerned persons do not transfer their money.
The Interim Government created, by virtue of the decree N° 15 of March 26, 2011, a national commission for the restitution of the money placed abroad, chaired by BCT Governor.
This structure is entrusted with identifying where this money is placed, its value and undertaking the necessary procedures for their getting back.
Mr. Nabli asserted that the achievement of these objectives needs legal decisions, confirming that this money has been illegally earned, as well as fair judgement according to the international standards.
Going through the official channels, such as the Foreign Ministry and Embassies, is necessary, he specified, adding that the commission will contribute to speed up procedures through co-operation relations with the different international bodies and in association with the concerned countries.
He asserted that some of the amount in question could be recovered in period of less than one year, while a large share could be restituted only after several years, given the slow nature of the procedures.
The opportunity for recovering this money is true today, at a time when the issue is raised on the international level by more than one country (Tunisia, Egypt, Libya...), especially that countries like Switzerland and Canada promulgated laws helping the restitution of this money, Mr. Nabli stressed.
The Gulf countries, such as Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, went on saying the BCT Governor, are signees of international and bilateral conventions, which is to help Tunisia recover this money.
The Tunisian state has made available to the commission all the necessary financial and non-financial means, he specified, underlining that the African Development Bank had voiced readiness to offer the needed funds to this end.
The United Nations Organisation had also provided the necessary expertise in this field.
The restitution operation concerns the assets of the ousted president, his wife, his children, all their relatives and any person who presented assistance or profited illegally of their deeds.