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Interim Government's meeting

Published the:  16/05/2011

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16 May 2011 - TAP - The Interim Government held, on Monday morning in Tunis, its regular meeting under the chairmanship of Caretaker President Foued Mebazaa.
The Cabinet's official Spokesman Taïeb Baccouche said that the meeting had examined and approved of the following draft decree-laws:
  • A draft decree-law presented by the Interior Minister completing the general statutes of the internal security forces authorising them to set up an independent professional union, so as to ease negotiations on professional issues with the trusteeship authorities.
  • A draft decree-law presented by the Culture Minister amending and completing the protection code of archaeological and historical heritage, and handicrafts arts. This draft decree aims to "step up fight against looting gangs and traffickers of national riches, at the level of repression and sanctions."
  • Two draft decree-laws pertaining to the loan agreement to finance the acquisition of premises for diplomatic representations abroad, and the guarantee loan agreement for the benefit of the Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company, STEG. The two draft decrees were presented by the Industry and Technology Minister and the delegate Minister to the Prime Minister.
Besides, the meeting approved of proposals submitted by the National Defence Minister amending the national military service regime to open up new job prospects.
Moreover, the following reports were made to the Cabinet meeting:
  • A report presented by the National Defence and Interior Ministers on the country's security situation, particularly on the Tunisian-Libyan border. The meeting took note, in this context, of the efficient patrols jointly conducted by the security forces and the Army.
It voiced pride at the citizens' role in the arrest of suspicious persons and of unauthorised and armed aliens on the Tunisian territory.
  • A report by the Social Affairs Minister on the social situation and labour relations. The meeting expressed "concern in the face of continuing sit-ins and strikes, in spite of improvement and progress in negotiations between social partners, both in the public and private sectors."
  • A report presented by the Education Minister on preparations for the national exams.
Mr. Taïeb Baccouche pointed out that the meeting voiced "satisfaction at the administrative and security measures taken to guarantee normal progress of national exams".
Additionally, the meeting stressed the Interim Government's keenness to see to the holding of the National Constituent Assembly's elections on the already agreed-on date of July 24, 2011.
The meeting expressed the Caretaker Government's readiness to provide the Independent Higher Elections Commission with the needed assistance—whenever this aid is asked for.