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Information meeting with representatives of some Ministries  

Published the:  20/05/2011

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Saturday, May 20, 2011 - TAP - As part of the weekly meetings to be held by the Prime Ministry Communication Department with Ministries' representatives on the latest developments in the country, the first meeting was held, in Tunis, on Friday with delegates of the Ministries of Justice, Interior, Defence and Foreign Affairs.
Answering questions about the slow progress of legal proceedings against the former president, his relatives and the symbols of corruption, Justice Ministry Delegate Kadhem Zine EL Abidine stressed that it was due to the disruption of legal institutions work after the Revolution but also to the care to secure fair trials. Furthermore, he said that so far, the Fact-Finding Commission had referred no case to the justice, contrary to the commission in charge with corruption and embezzlement which submitted 80 cases to the courts.
As regards prisoner' escape, the representative of Justice Ministry explained that an inquiry had been opened about that in addition to the review of the prisons' security system.
Colonel Hichem El Moueddeb, representing the Interior Ministry, cast for his part new light on the events of Errouhia, saying that Tunisian and foreign terrorists had infiltrated into Tunisia from Chaambi mountain and the two Libyans crossed into the country from the South.
As regards the case of the wounded terrorist who is said to have been dragged along with a rope, he said that the security forces and Army are obliged to resort to such practices in prevention in case the terrorist is carrying explosives .
As to national exams, he said that special units will be tasked with the security of the 513 exam, correction and collecting centres .
Moreover, colonel El-Moueddeb added that Oussama Achouri,who claimed he had been abused by a policeman, had refused to sublit to medical examination and those who participated with Achouri to disorder declared they had been abused during detention.
Colonel Jelloul Laabidi, delegate of the Defence Ministry shed light in turn on the security situation at the Tunisian-Libyan borders, affirming the situation is under control and adding that all the measures had been taken to ensure the control of land, air and sea borders. Speaking about refugees, he emphasized Tunisia's humanitarian efforts saying the country had hosted about 400 000 refugees, including 200 000 Libyans since the start of the uprising.
Now, he added, 8 000 refugees are living in camps, including 3500 Libyans and 9 first-aid centres have been set up in the different camps in addition to a military hospital and a travelling medical unit, stressing that no case of epidemics or infectious disease had been recorded in camps.
General Marouen Bouguerra, representing Military Justice, said that an investigating magistrate at the military court had been appointed to investigate the case of former president, his Interior Minister Rafik Bel Haj Kacem and retired general Jalel Boudrigua, in so far as Military Justice has the jurisdiction to do so in the cases involving home security members.
As regards the events of Errouhia, he said that the case had been referred to the military investigating magistrate of El Kef.
Then, Foreign Ministry representative Tarek Amri briefed the attendance about Tunisian diplomacy saying that after the repeated violations of territorial integrity by Libyan forces, Tunisia had informed the UN Secretary General about that, adding that it also lodged, through its Ambassdor in Tripoli, an official protest to Libyan authorities saying that Tunisia is endeavouring to deal with this issue with wisdom and understanding in view of the fraternal ties between the two peoples. He went on saying that in case these violations go on, the Interim Government will take action in accordance with international law