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Regular press meeting with Ministries' delegates  

Published the:  25/05/2011

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May 25, 2011 - TAP - At the regular meeting of Ministries' delegates with the press held Tuesday, in Tunis, Justice Ministry representative Kadhem Zine El Abidine said that torture is a shameful practice and that we should no longer keep silent about it in Tunisia after the January 14 Revolution.
This reaction was in answer to the declaration of UN Expert and Special Rapporteur on Toruture Juan Mendez saying that torture was going on in Tunisia even after the Revolution.
Kadhem Zine El Abidine also said that the Ministry is resolutely committed "to fight against such practices and penalize all those whose involvement in these crimes is proved, whether in custody centres, in prisons or anywhere else," adding that anyone who suffered torture may lodge a complaint with the state prosecutor who has jurisdiction to open an inquiry in this case.
For instance, the case of a head warden accused of torture is under examination, in addition to another case relating to the late computer engineer Marouane Ben Zeyneb who had managed to hack into the computer of the ousted president and realize that he had a relationship with foreign secret service members.
He reminded that following these developments, the late Marouane Ben Zeyneb had been abducted and tortured to death and the crime disguised as a train accident in the suburb of Ezzahra, as claim his relatives.
He went on saying that a letters rogatory had been issued to the crime squad to dig up the corpse for further forensic examination.
As regards the letters rogatory extended to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates last May 3 and 12 to freeze the assets and property of the ousted president and his relatives and allies, the Justice Ministry delegate explained that these are "complementary" and not initial especially as new data have appeared with the furtherance of the investigation, which required to send them to these two countries.
He stressed that the first two letters rogatory had been sent last January 21, adding that this is the second time a delegation of the Justice Ministry is travelling to Interpol headquarters in Lyon (France) to follow-up the implementation of summons taken out against the ousted president, his wife and relatives .
Police Chief Samir Toumi,who is working at the frontiers and foreigners department of the Interior Ministry, said for his part that the rumours about the arrival of Gaddafi relatives in Tunisia are baseless in so far as Tunisia is compelled to enforce the secuirty council resolutions 1970 and 1973 dated last February 26 and March 18 and providing for a travel ban for 18 members of Gaddafi's family.
As to the access of Libyan political officials to Tunisia, he affirmed that they go through the same procedures as any ordinary traveller thanks to their official passports unless they are submitted to a UN travel ban.
General Mokhtar Ben Nasr of the Defence Ministry affirmed in turn that the security situation in South Tunisia is relatively stable and that the Army is carrying out, in co-ordination with internal security forces and customs, operations of checking and supervision to preserve the national territory, land borders, coastline and air space.
Speaking of Dhiba-Wazen crossing point, he said it has been under the control of Libyan rebels since last May 2 and that the clashes that took place last week led to mortar shells falling in Tunisia.
These shells fell in depopulated areas and did not cause human or material damage, he stated, adding that these acts were not premeditated since the crossing point is 4 kilometres away of the city of Dhiba.
General Ben Nasr outpointed that the refugees who crossed into Tunisia since last February 23 numbered 412.625, including 218000 Libyans, and that the total number of refugees now in the six camps of South Tunisia stands at 8800, including 2441 Libyans.
The slow pace of the repatriation of Sudanese, Eritrean and Somali refugees is one of the main persisting issues, he said, especially as the fire that broke out in some 20 tents has killed four people.
Regional Development Ministry Delegate Samir Lazaar spoke in turn about the visit of 8 Interim Ministers to Sidi Bouzid, saying that such visits are expected to become regular with the aim of implementing the propositions put forward by inland regions, in co-ordination with all Ministries concerned with development in priority areas.
Minister of Vocational Training and Employment, Karim Majeri reminded of last April 27 government's decree signing, on special measures for recruitment in the civil service for the current year to reduce unemployment, saying that the Ministry had started to put on line competitive entry examinations communiqués on a website dedicated for that.
These communiqués offer some 5000 jobs concerning Ministries of Education, Culture, Agriculture and Environment.