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Delay of election date to October 16 dividing political parties

Published the:  26/05/2011

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May 26, 2011  -TAP - The members of the High Authority for the Achievement of Revolution Objectives, Political Reform and Transition to Democracy, meeting here on Thursday, have been divided over delaying or keeping the date for the Elections of the Constituent Assembly.
Most of them were in favour of the delay, reckoning that the Independent Election Committee is an elected authority working independently of the government and political parties and thus in total legitimacy.
The committee has, they said, a free hand to organize the elections in compliance with international standards and according to the financial, technical and logistics resources available to secure free and transparent voting.
They also believe that the Interim Government should respect the independence of the committee and not interfere in its decisions, warning that keeping the date of July 24 is a major risk for the results of the elections.
They reaffirmed the need to carry on debates over this decision to reach a compromise between the Election Committee and the High Authority for the Achievement of Revolution Objectives and the Caretaker President.
For those who are against the delay, this decision can by no means benefit the country's interest in view of the social instability, security drift and precarious situation on frontiers. So it is urgent to find a solution to the legitimacy crisis of government institutions in order to take up challenges. They also denounced the "unilateral and arbitrary decision" made by the Election Committee, which can only, according to them, break off national consensus.
They reckoned as well that this committee had been elected to organize elections and not to change their date, urging it to clarify on what basis the decision was made and to publish a declaration to this end.
Answering the different questions, High Authority President Yadh Ben Achour said that the date of July 24 had been set by the Government of Ghannouchi to hold Presidential elections on the basis of the old Constitution and not to hold elections for the Constituent Assembly, which makes it possible to change or delay the election date.