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Forty-billion-dollar aid to Arab Spring countries

Published the:  27/05/2011

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May 27, 2011 - TAP - The G8 Summit decided, on Friday, to devote a 40-billion-dollar assistance (1 dollar = 1.38 dinar) to the "Arab Spring" countries, Tunisian Finance Minister Jalloul Ayed said, during a press conference jointly held with Interim Prime Minister Béji Caïd Essebsi in Deauville, France.
Sharing out of this amount will be decided, he said, in the next inter-ministerial meeting that will gather the concerned countries and authorities. The World Bank, he added, will allow Tunisia to benefit from a 4-billion-dollar aid for the coming two years, in addition to a budget support of 1.3 billion dollars that WB will grant in association with other financial institutions, including the African Development Bank (AfDB).
He reviewed the major focuses of the economic plan adopted by the Government: this programme is based on improving public governance, reinforcing infrastructures, developing human resources, integrating international markets and modernising the financial sector.
During a summit session devoted to partnership with new Arab democracies, Mr. Caïd Essebsi presented to G8 the economic plan of support to Tunisia requiring funding of 25 billion dollars over a five-year period.