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Decree on distribution of constituencies and setting up of commission to rule on ineligibility adopted

Published the:  31/05/2011

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June 01, 2011 - TAP - The High Authority for the Achievement of the Revolution Objectives, Political Reform and Transition to Democracy held a meeting on Tuesday and adopted the decree on distribution of constituencies and seats for the next constituent assembly's election.
The assembly will have 218 seats, including 19 for expatriates, and the constituencies number 33, including 6 abroad. Besides two commissions were  set up: the first will be tasked with drafting a new republican pact and the second will be in charge of listing inelegible candidates.
Some members of the Authority Council called for the participation of the Tunisian community abroad, including the expatriates in North and South America, Australia and Japan, whose number do not exceed 29 000. They urged, in this regard, not to adopt the rule of one seat for 60 000 people provided for in the Government decree on elections and suggested to include Tunisian expatriates in these regions of the world in constituencies in Europe.
Some other members stressed the need to inquire into the situation of expatriates in Libya who have not yet returned home. The latter are estimated, according to statistics, at 80 000.