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Bolstering rule of law for transparency and growing responsibility, theme of MENA-OECD meeting

Published the:  31/05/2011

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May 31, 2011  -TAP - The examination of means "to boost the rule of law for transparency and growing responsibility" was the focus of the works of the 4th MENA-OECD working group, organised on Tuesday, at the initiative of the Interim Prime Ministry and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region programme and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
The meeting to which took part experts and representatives of governmental structures from 13 Arab and European countries and regional organisations provided the occasion to evoke the principles of the rule of law in light of the balance of powers, the openness of the Government and consultation in regulation process.
Means to boost integration and participation of youth and women, as well as the role of the 4th working group in the implementation of the inter-regional charter of the quality of legislation were also looked on.
At the opening works, Delegate Minister to Interim Prime Minister Rafaa Ben Achour underlined that the democratic transition stage requires a particular attention in the adoption of laws as part of transparency and the contribution of all the components of the civil society for the democratisation of the institutions and structures of the rule of law.
For his part, National co-ordinator of MENA programme for governance Ahmed Zarrouk said that this meeting is held as part of the implementation of the objectives of the initiative aiming, in particular at modernising governance and regulation.
In turn, diplomatic adviser of the Italian Prime Minister, Mrs. Fiorenza Barazzoni said that the Tunis meeting should examine "the role of legislative control bodies in the integration of reliable systems and high criteria to guarantee transparency".
Dutch Ambassador in Tunis Mrs. Caroline Weijers stressed the role of the Tunis-based Inter-regional Centre for Quality of Legislation in exchanging experiences in the field of judiciary reforms.