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Caretaker President receives Regional Development Minister

Published the:  16/06/2011

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June 16, 2011 - TAP - Interim President Foued Mebazaa enquired, during his meeting on Thursday with Regional Development Minister Abderrazak Zouari, about the department's activities and furtherance of the additional regional development programmes which the Interim Government had devised in accordance with an approach favouring balance among the regions.
The talk also offered the opportunity to stress the priority Government grants to the regional development file, as well as the imperative to devise a development plan for each region.
The point is to further involve the regions in working out their programmes and associate all parties, particularly civil society's components, in this mission.
Emphasis was also placed, during this meeting, on the need to create regional development pole to achieve balance among the country's regions.
On this occasion, the Regional Development Minister said he had reported to the Interim President on Tunisia's participation in the forum recently held in Egypt by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on democratic transition, reminding that that event provided Tunisia with the opportunity to brief the attendees on its experience in this field, more particularly its economic dimension.