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List of persons banned from bidding for Constituent Assembly's election examined

Published the:  23/06/2011

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June 23, 2011 - TAP - The High Authority for the Achievement of the Revolution Objectives, Political Reform and Democratic Transition Council examined, during its meeting on Thursday afternoon in the Chamber of advisers, the list of the citizens who advocated that the deposed president run for the 2014 presidential election, the persons who had assumed responsibilities within the disbanded Constitutional Democratic Rally (RCD) and government members under the former regime.
Mr. Mustapha Tlili, president of the commission in charge of implementing Article 15 of the decree-law of the Authority pertaining to the establishment of the list of the persons having called to this candidacy and those banned to bid for the National Constituent Assembly's election, presented a preliminary report on the work accomplished by the commission to verify the names on this list.