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Google's readiness to further promote Tunisian tourism on Internet

Published the:  23/06/2011

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June 23, 2011 – TAP - Delegate Minister to the Prime Minister Rafaa Ben Achour received, on Thursday afternoon in Tunis, North Africa Regional Google Manager Wael Fakharany who is presently visiting Tunisia.
In a statement to Tunis Afrique Presse (TAP) news agency, Mr. Fakharany said that his visit, the first in Tunisia, aims to establish contacts with the different Tunisian officials, reasserting Google's readiness to further collaborate with Tunisia.
Mr. Fakharany, who is Regional Manager for Google in Egypt and North Africa, said that the main project that he will present is to promote and support Tunisian tourism, notably by the use of new information technologies and Internet in particular.
He asserted that Google registers about 100,000 requests a month with such key words as "Tourism" and "Tunisia", underlining that this potential of target customers remains largely unused. In this context, he reiterated Google's readiness to further promote Tunisian tourism on the Internet, specifying that the high summer season is a period favourable for its promotion.
Furthermore, he pointed out that there are additional demands for tourist stays during Christmas and the new year holidays.
Mr. Fakharany said that this first visit will be followed by others in the coming months, underlining that Google counts in the future to bet on the Tunisian and Egyptian youths' know-how in matters of new information technologies.
In this connection, he said he had met Vocational Training and Employment Minister Said Aïdi, who asked him to ensure the training of trainers in matters of new technologies to be approved by Google.
In conclusion, he underlined that Google's interest in Tunisia increased with the start of the January 14 Revolution and the large use of its youths of new information technologies, which spread in several Arab countries.
Google, he went on saying, "wants to side with the Tunisian youths to support them in their initiatives and provide them with Internet services".