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Eighty six new parties, 122 new publications and 158 new associations since January 14

Published the:  24/06/2011

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Friday, June 24, 2011 - TAP - Eighty six new parties have been created in Tunisia since January 14, raising to 94 the total number of parties, regardless of the disbanded Constitutional Democratic Rally.
During the regular meeting of the Communication Cell of the Prime Ministry with the media held on Friday in Tunis, the representative of the Interior Ministry Néji Zaïri also said that 31 new applications for party creation are under examination by the Ministry and that 118 applications have been rejected.
Reasons behind this refusal, he specified, are in particular non-conformity to the provisions of Article 3 of the law on parties which prohibits that parties be based, at the level of principles and objectives, on religion, language, sex or region.
He also pointed to non-compliance with provisions of Article 6 which reject the similarity of parties, at the level of principles, choices and programmes and non-conformity to provisions of Article 11 related to errors in content and form be it in statement or statutes.
The representative of the Interior Ministry also said that 158 new associations were licensed after the Revolution, raising their number to 9,724 now.
He also said that 122 receipts were delivered for the creation of periodic publications. He added, in this regard, that 104 applications were rejected for non-compliance with legal conditions while 98 other applications were declined. He also said that out of the 122 weekly publications, 8 belong to 7 parties.
The representative of the National Defence Ministry, Colonel Major Mokhtar Ben Nasr, said that the security situation on the Tunisian-Libyan border is stable after mortars fell on May 19, 2011, adding that the food, health and social situation is good on the borders in general.
He reminded of the visit paid by the United Nations Higher Commissioner of Refugees last week to the south of Tunisia where he inspected the evolution of the situation.
Colonel Major Mokhtar Ben Nasr also announced that the issue of indemnification of Tunisian families is under examination by the Ministry of Social Affairs, particularly for those hosting Libyan families or those having provided homes to Libyans, particularly to pay their electricity and water bills.
He added that as a result of the important current stage, the National Defence Ministry is considering the possibility to reinforce the National Army units by reservists and extend the second conscription session. He said that a regulatory decree was promulgated to this effect.