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Tunisia Investment Forum 2011: PM calls on Tunisia's partners to boost investments in the country  

Published the:  16/06/2011

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June 1- 2011 , 6TAP- Interim Prime Minister Béji Caïd Essebsi called on Tunisia's economic partners to increase their investments in the country so as to contribute to the success of the Tunisian revolution at the economic level.
Addressing Thursday the opening works of "Tunisia Investment Forum 2011," the Caretaker PM said that investing in Tunisia after the Revolution is investing in democracy, stressing the close correlation between economic and democratic success in this crucial stage of the country's history.
He underlined that security had improved in the country in recent days, urging foreign investors to have more trust in Tunisia and increase their investments.
Tunisia, he stated, numbers today about 3 100 foreign firms, most of them operating in manufacturing industries. Additionally, it is the most prominent investment site in the South Mediterranean.
The Government is indeed making huge efforts so that Tunisia be the most attractive and competitive destination in the region.
US Assistant Secretary of State for Economic, Energy and Business Affairs Jose W. Fernandez said, for his part, that the United States "hopes to be a strong partner of Tunisia" and that "it will back up the country in fulfilling its development objectives".
He also stressed the need to develop Tunisian economic legislation and "endeavour to achieve transparency and fight against corruption in business," affirming that corruption had been among the factors that led to the fall of Ben Ali's regime.
Furthermore, he reckoned that improving the business climate in Tunisia requires the establishment of multilateral economic partnerships, notably with the United States, recommending to call upon Tunisian expatriates in the US, especially those in California, to contribute to strengthening economic ties between the two countries.
A spokesman for the Development and International Co-operation Organisation announced, for his part, that establishing an economic climate where transparency and good governance prevail will contribute to attracting foreign investments to Tunisia.
The Organisation is ready to help Tunisia benefit from its expertise, revise the Investment Code and improve the skills of its human resources in matters of business creation, he said.
The "Tunisia Investment Forum" is held June 16-17 in the northern suburb of Gammarth by the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA) on "New Tunisia, New Opportunities", with attendance of about 1500 investors and businessmen, including 500 from Europe, the United States and Asia.