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Conciliation attempts within HAARO

Published the:  06/07/2011

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July 06, 2011 - TAP - The Council of the High Authority for the Achievement of Revolution Objectives, Political Reform and Democratic Transition (HAARO) had to delay, on Wednesday, meeting until re-establishment of consensus disrupted by the withdrawal or suspension of participation of political parties and other sides.
Initially, the meeting was to tackle the issue of the draft decree-law on the organisation of political parties and to present the final lists of the "adjurers," i.e., persons who had called on the ousted president to bid for the 2014 Presidential election.
Speaking about disagreements within the HAARO, the Authority's Chairman Yadh Ben Achour revealed, during today's meeting, the initiatives re-establish consensus, including that of lawyer Mokhtar Yahyaoui.
Mr. Yadh Ben Achour said that this initiative is "acceptable and laudable," considering that any other initiative would also be judicious.
In turn, Chairman of the commission in charge of implementing Article 15 of the Electoral Act, Mr. Mustapha Filali, explained that the commission was to announce, Wednesday, the results of its works and make public its final report.
Examination of these issues has been postponed until next week.