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Marco Pannella: We are here to back up the Tunisian people's fight against any attempt to confiscate their Revolution

Published the:  08/07/2011

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July 08, 2011 - TAP - "We came here to lend a helping hand to post-Revolution Tunisia and to back up the Tunisian people's fight against all attempts to take away from them their Revolution," said Mr. Marco Pannella, the historic Chairman of Italian Non-Violent, Transnational and Trans-Party Radical Party (PRNTT), currently on a visit in Tunisia to prepare for PRNTT's next general council, scheduled for the current month.
Speaking at the end of the talk he had, on Friday in Tunis, with Mr. Rafaa Ben Achour, Delegate Minister to the Interim PM, Mr. Pannella specified that PRNTT was keen on holding its general council in Tunisia, rather than in Brussels, Strasbourg or else in the Far East, in order to pay tribute to the Tunisian Revolution and support the country's democratic transition.
"The people of Tunisia materialised the whole history of our great battle and our hopes," he added to account for the choice made on Tunisia.
Founded in 1955 in Italy, PRNTT is not a traditional political party but rather a non-governmental organisation certified by the UN Economic and Social Council. It fights for human rights and the rule of law in the world.