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Cabinet meeting

Published the:  19/07/2011

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July 19, 2011 - TAP - The Interim Government held, on Tuesday, its regular meeting chaired by Caretaker President Foued Mebazaa.
Cabinet spokesman Taieb Baccouche said the meeting examined three decree-laws:
1- Draft decree-law submitted by Interior Minister Habib Essid providing amendment to the Law n°12 of the year 2009 dated March 2, 2009 related to advertising in public areas and on roads and real estates belonging to individuals.
The decree law seeks to help local communities grant licences for advertising in public areas which is likely to provide them with additional financial resources.
The draft decree-law was adopted after introducing amendments specifying the responsibility of local communities and arrangements related to procurement contracts signed to this effect.
2- Draft decree-law submitted by Minister of Trade and Tourism Mehdi Haouas, authorising Tunisia's joining the convention on the creation of an International Bureau of Weights and Measures
This step will allow an active participation of Tunisia in the structures and bodies of this organisation. The decree-law was approved.
3 - Draft decree-law providing for amendment to the Law n°38 of the year 2002, dated April 11, 2002 providing for organisation of the profession of property surveyor submitted by Minister of the Equipment Mohamed Ridha Fares.
The Cabinet approved this draft decree-law after introducing amendments on the training of concerned technicians.
The meeting also listened to four presentations.
First: a presentation by Mr. Béji Caïd Essebsi, Caretaker Prime Minister on the general situation in the country at the political, security and media levels.
Second: a presentation on the progress of preparations for the National Constituent Assembly election made by Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister Ridha Belhaj.
After an exhaustive debate, the Cabinet recommended taking all needed measures to help the High Independent Authority for Elections and better co-ordinate with it to set up registration offices and communication means to raise the citizens' awareness of the importance of this national event, so that all Tunisians, including those abroad, benefit of the right to vote, which will impart all credibility and success on the October 23, 2011, election.
Third: A presentation on the security situation in the country was made by Interior Minister Habib Essid, National Defence Minister Abdelkrim Zbidi and Foreign Minister Mohamed Mouldi Kefi.
The Cabinet voiced deep concern about the recent events that took place, particularly in Menzel Bourguiba and Sidi Bouzid, during which security officers and servicemen were assaulted, with the clear intention of killing them by snatching their weapons and aggressors set fire to an employment office to remove job applicants' records and an office of the National Sickness Benefit Fund (CNAM), in addition to an attempt to set fire to a court.
The Cabinet emphasised the gravity of the act of sabotage committed against the Algerian-Tunisian-Italian gas pipeline, at the level of Bouchiha village in the governorate of Zaghouan.
It called all on political and social parties and the media to assume their responsibilities with the army and security forces to fight criminal acts and their instigators, notably those who use minors to execute looting acts, as it was the case in Sidi Bouzid.
As regards the situation on the Tunisian-Libyan border, the reports specify that it is stable and under control, despite the increase in the number of refugees and that illegal immigration is under control.
At the end of its works, the Cabinet listened to a presentation by Industry and Technology Minister Abdelaziz Rassaa about the economic situation in Tunisia.
It recommended, in this regard, to take necessary measures to meet the country's energy needs, while endeavouring to speed up the pace of completing the planned industrial projects.