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Cabinet meeting examines five new draft decree-laws

Published the:  02/08/2011

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August 02, 2011 - TAP - The cabinet meeting of the Interim Government held, on Tuesday, its regular meeting under the chairmanship of the Caretaker President Foued Mebazaa.
The cabinet meeting official spokesman Taïeb Baccouche said that the council examined, at the beginning of its works, five draft decree-laws. Interim Justice Minister Lazhar Karoui Chebbi presented the first draft decree-law completing the Penal Code so as to include the clear incrimination of setting fire to crops and plants.
Mr. Baccouche added that Interim Culture Minister Ezzeddine Bach Chaouch presented two draft decree-laws. The first provides for the creation of institutions in charge of some cultural activities ruled by specifications, instead of prior authorisation. The second concerns the change of the legal form of the Arab and Mediterranean Music Centre, from public administrative institution to public non-administrative institution.
In another connection, Interim Finance Minister Jalloul Ayed presented a draft decree-law providing for the creation of a deposit guarantee fund. He explained that this structural procedure is likely to introduce a change in the funding system of the basic infrastructure projects, as well as the creation of a large number of jobs and the participation in funding small-and medium-sized enterprises, notably in the less developed regions in the country.
Besides, the official spokesman of the cabinet meeting said that Interim Transport Minister Salem Miladi presented a draft decree-law providing for the approval of the effect of guarantee of the financing convention, signed on July 13, 2011, between the Tunisian Shipping Company and a group of banks, for the contribution to building a new passenger ship. The meeting adopted after deliberation, the five decree-laws, after having introduced amendments in terms of form and content.
Mr. Taieb Baccouche said that the meeting also listened to a set of exposés made by Interim Interior Minister Habib Essid, Interim National Defence Minister Abdelkarim Zbidi, Interim Foreign Minister Mohamed Mouldi Kéfi, respectively, on the situation of the Interior security and on the border level.
The meeting noted the improvement of the situation, despite such difficulties as persisting of sit-ins and road blocking, recommending to take all the necessary measures to reduce their negative impact on the national economy and on the citizens' interests.
As regards the security situation on the level of the borders, the meeting recommended to carry on action aiming at putting an end to trafficking of basic products abroad, to guarantee the supply of the home market, and guarantee the stability of prices, mainly in the month of Ramadan, said the official spokesman of the meeting.
Mr. Baccouche added that Interim Social Affairs Minister Mohamed Ennaceur presented, in turn, an exposé on the social negotiations, following which the meeting commended the consensual atmosphere which marked these negotiations, stressing the imperative of exerting efforts of all, in this juncture, to improve the social climate and boost national consensus.
Besides, the meeting adopted upon proposal of the Social Affairs Minister, a set of measures for supporting the needy families, on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan. It also listened to an exposé presented by Interim
Trade and Tourism Minister Mehdi Houas, following which the meeting noted the importance of the regulative stock scheduled by the state to meet the needs of the interior market in basic products, recommending to intensify the operations of control and attempts of monopoly.
The meeting also noted the improvement related to the tourism sector, particularly in July.
Additionally, Mr. Baccouche said that the meeting listened, at the end of its works, to a communiqué of the Interim Agriculture and Environment Minister Mokhtar Jallali on the agricultural situation, in the country, with a satisfactory production, mainly in the cereal and fruit sectors. He added that the meeting recommended to see to it to reducing the phenomenon of wild fishing to protect the halieutic resources.