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Ahmed Ibrahim reasserts parties' role in making a success of elections

Published the:  03/08/2011

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August 03, 2011 - TAP - Ettajdid Movement first secretary Ahmed Ibrahim called for "the need to remain objective and neutral, not to use religion as an instrument to influence voters, and to protect the freedom of the vote."
In a statement to TAP news agency, at the end of the meeting he had on Wednesday morning with Interim Prime Minister Béji Caïd Essebsi, Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim stressed the role of political parties and civil society components in raising awareness about the importance of success of all stages of the electoral operation, the first being registration, suggesting exemption of fees for the National Identity Card extraction and renewal, in such a way as to encourage the citizens to register on the electoral rolls.
Besides, he called on all political parties, organisations and national figures to sign the Republican Pact in order to assert the higher interest of Tunisia.
Mr. Ibrahim also said he had reviewed with the Prime Minister the general situation of the country, notably the state of economic and social files, in addition to the security issue, emphasising the need to further strengthen the climate of stability to protect political and cultural events and to reinforce harmony between the different parties.