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Interim President : Priority to economic sector revival and settlement of social issues

Published the:  12/08/2011

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August 12, 2011 - TAP - The state of affairs of the transport sector, the prospects of its development and the social and financial files related to the transport sector were the focus of the audience granted, on Friday, by Caretaker President Foued Mebazaa to Transport Minister Salem Miladi.
The audience provided the opportunity to examine the social issues of the sector as well as the efforts exerted by the Ministry to avoid all that is likely to hinder the efficiency of this strategic sector, such as sit-ins and strikes, and the fight against their negative impact on other such strategic sector as production and exportation.
It was also an occasion to evoke the financial situation of the companies operating in the sector of transport which are experiencing some hardships, in particular the regression of the movement pace of passengers and goods, notably phosphate, which registered a drop of the growth rate of the sector estimated at -2% for 2011 against nearly 6 %, the previous year.
During the audience, emphasis was placed on the priority to resolve the social issues and strives to lift sit-ins, the revival of the growth of the sector and the achievement of financial balances of companies operating in this sector.
In another connection, the meeting was an occasion to review the transport projects under implementation, notably the electrification Tunis-Borj Cédria railway line and the rapid railway network in the inland regions, in addition to the large-scale projects of the sector.