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Incite German enterprises to invest in Tunisia

Published the:  19/08/2011

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August 19, 2011  -TAP - Measures that should be taken to guarantee the security of German enterprises set in Tunisia were the focus of the meeting held on Friday, between Caretaker Prime Minister Béji Caid Essebsi and the Tunisian-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK)'s management committee.
The talk turned on means to incite the German enterprises to invest in Tunisia and ensure a climate favourable to their setting up.
AHK Chairman Raouf Ben Debba said to TAP news agency that "the enterprises' current situation is very dangerous," it has been worsened due to sit-ins and strikes which coincided with the period of the German and Tunisian enterprises' exportations, thus causing important financial penalties.
He also announced that a mission of 50 German businessmen led by the German chambers of commerce chairman are expected in Tunis next November, to get acquainted with the investment opportunities in Tunisia.