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New Government takes up duties 

Published the:  26/12/2011

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December 26, 2011 - TAP - Mr. Hamadi Jebali, the new Prime Minister took up his duties, on Monday, in replacement of outgoing Prime Minister Beji Caid Essebsi, stating that the new team will shoulder this responsibility with "seriousness".
He said that he was aware of the importance of the new government's responsibility, given the challenges of the next stage, marked by the proliferation of demands and the urgent need to thoroughly examine critical issues.
"The success of the Revolution, the democracy and transparency that marked the October 23 elections, in addition to the National Constituent Assembly's works are as many assets that will favour the success of the new government's mission", he said.
The Government will act in consultation with the former government to serve Tunisia and its people, he assured.
Mr. Hamadi Jebali said that he was convinced that the Tunisian administration, the businessmen and the labour union will spare no efforts to place the country's interests above any "narrow consideration".
He said that he will seek, along with him team, to keep on serving all Tunisians and study important issues away from political affiliation, stressing the commitment to act in all transparency and cohesion to ensure the continuity of the State.
Speaking about the difficulties of the stage and the extent of challenges faced, Mr. Jebali expressed commitment to "set the example in matters of probity, transparency, good governance and public financial management." "We are held to account to the people and institutions," he underlined.
He noted that Tunisia is living through a unique experience in the Arab-Muslim world, where the handover of power took place in peaceful and civic way.
Mr. Jebali expressed his gratitude to Mr. Caid Essebsi and to members of the outgoing government for their efforts in this critical stage in the country's history to ensure the continuity of the state institutions' action.
He commended the efforts of the National Army and security forces for the important role they have assumed since the January 14 Revolution.
Earlier, Mr. Beji Caid Essebsi had indicated that the "real lesson to be drawn is that persons and governments change but the State is constant," pointing out that his government "had assumed the responsibility vested to it and fulfilled its duty" despite the attempts to cast doubt on it.
The government had worked, in accordance with a determined roadmap since March and continued its mission "to the last minute so that there would be no vacuum in the country," he said.
He expressed his readiness to co-operate, alongside his team, with the new government "that had started examining major issues two weeks ago," to serve the country, voicing confidence in Tunisia's ability to overcome the new stage with success.
The outgoing prime minister praised the efforts of all those who had contributed, in the past period, to ensure transition in sound conditions: administration, Army, security services, teaching community and businessmen."
The ceremony was attended, in particular, by members of the new and outgoing governments, the Chief of Staff of the Army and the Mufti of the Republic.