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President Marzouki receives Mayor of Paris

Published the:  26/12/2011

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December 26, 2011 - TAP - President Moncef Marzouki received, on Monday at Carthage Palace, Mayor of Paris Bertrand Delanoé who said in substance about the President "I have known him for a long time since he was chased by the former Tunisian regime."
"I have followed this man's courageous struggle for freedom and human rights and especially for democracy in Tunisia and I am pleased today to meet him as the President of the Republic, after a democratic process that was exemplary and inspired admiration throughout the world," he added Mr. Delanoé voiced consideration to Tunisia for the elections of October 23 that had been "extremely successful," expressing wish that the Tunisian people will continue this democratic progress, in the respect of Human rights, women's rights and pluralism.
The Mayor of Paris said that he had discussed with the President of the republic the role of the head of State will be the first to support them in his new position.
“I think that this country, small in its population, is great by its history, as it had demonstrated in 2011 that people themselves can overthrow a dictator and win their right to dignity, freedom and democracy”.
He, in conclusion, said that “Mr. Moncef Marzouki is a major player in this historical change witnessed by Tunisia “, and that “the Tunisian people will be proud of what he will do”.