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LTDH rejects wildcat sit-ins

Published the:  06/01/2012

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January 06, 2012 - TAP - Chairman of the Tunisian League for Human Rights (LTDH) Abdessatar Ben Moussa expressed the LTDH's rejection of wildcat sit-ins.
The LTDH supports legitimate sit-ins but repudiates wildcat sit-ins that affect freedom of labour and harm individual and public interests, Mr. Ben Moussa said in a statement to TAP after his meeting, on Friday, with Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali.
He also expressed LTDH's opposition to the use of force to end sit-ins, praising the peaceful means used in lifting the sit-in at the Faculty of Arts of Manouba.
He emphasised the need for the Government to address the causes of the sit-ins by creating jobs and seeking to achieve fair development.
Mr. Ben Moussa described the meeting with Mr. Jebali, held in the presence of several LTDH Executive Committee members, as "constructive and frank," stressing the PM's understanding of the role of civil society in defending human rights and his commitment to ease LTDH's mission.