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Jebali: Incident in Sfax poses no great danger

Published the:  02/02/2012

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February 02, 2012 - TAP - The fire exchangesbetween the National Guard and an armed group at Bir Ali Ben Khelifa "are not anincident that represents a great danger," especially that the armed group wasneutralized, said interim Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali.
Asked about the events that took place in Sfax, during a news conference held atthe headquarters of the European Commission in Brussels, Mr. Jebali said suchincidents could "occur in the Tunisian south and along the border regions wheresecurity is unstable," but he underlined that they "do not pose any greatdanger."
The three individuals involved who had been hiding since Wednesday in thedelegation of Bir Ali Ben Khalifa (Sfax) were neutralized on Thursday, saidinformed sources.
Two of the suspects were killed during clashes with the joint police andnational army forces, while the third was arrested.