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Hamadi Jebali visits Jendouba Governorate following cold wave

Published the:  07/02/2012

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February 07, 2012 - TAP - Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali visited, on Tuesday, the Jendouba governorate following the cold wave and snowfalls which affected the daily life of the local populations.
The Prime Minister started his visit by holding a working session at the governorate seat, which was attended by several regional officials and members of the National Constituent Assembly. During this meeting, the decision was taken to re-activate the Ain Draham crisis cell and to call for the national Army's intervention to end the stricken regions' seclusion and make easier dispatching of assistance, foodstuff, fuel and gas cylinders.
Participants in the meeting emphasized the limited means of intervention and equipments available in the region, in addition to the absence of a governor, which had a negative impact on the decision-making system and interventions and rescue operations.
Mr. Jebali pointed out that the fragility of basic infrastructures in the region made the situation even worse. He announced that reinforcements were sent to overcome the hardships in due time, pending the appropriate solutions.
During a meeting with the commission of fight against natural disasters and the
Jendouba governorate crisis cell, the Prime Minister recommended to mobilize all possible means for an efficient and swift intervention.
He emphasized the priority actions: re-opening of the main roads and tracks, providing medicines and ambulances, and guaranteeing the electricity supply.
It was decided, following the meeting, to provide 19 backhoes and tractors, as well as 5 ambulances from the neighbouring governorates, several of them are already on the spot, in addition to sending a mobile medical team who will visit the isolated families, and important quantities of basic products and foodstuff for the benefit of all regions of the Jendouba Governorate.
The health and equipment ministries will reinforce their efforts to come to the rescue of the region citizens to put an end to their isolation, open the tracks and roads, and mobilize additional health executives in the health centers and hospitals of the Jendouba governorate.
It is to be pointed out that the road between Ain Draham and Tabarka was re-opened.
In another connection, patients hosted in the Ain Draham hospital received the necessary care, while the delicate cases were transferred to the Jendouba regional hospital.
Besides, three planes with loads of assistance landed, on Tuesday, at the
Tabarka-Ain Drahem airport. A first contingent of aid has already been distributed.