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Cabinet meeting

Published the:  22/02/2012

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February 22, 2012 - TAP - The state of markets supply, control of the distribution channels and prices to preserve the citizen's buying power, and the situation in regions hit by the severe weather conditions, were the main issues looked into by Wednesday's Cabinet meeting.
The official spokesman for the Government and Human Rights and Transitional Justice Minister Samir Dilou said, during a news conference, that the Cabinet also carried on examination of the 2012 complementary finance law.
The Cabinet, he added, condemned the last attacks on the Tunisian General Labour Union's premises, which "undermines its prestige as Government's main partner in all that serves the country's interest and social stability."
In his reply to the journalists' questions about the security situation in the country, Mr. Dilou reassured that the situation is "normal" in 17 governorates and marked by social unrest in the other seven.
He pointed out "the security challenges on the southern borders with Libya, in view of the intensification of smuggling operations, especially of weapons".
Though insisting that the security situation is "under control", he stressed "the need to be vigilant and conciliate between the country's openness and the atmosphere of freedom on the one hand, and the need to preserve social peace and avoid religious, regional and ideological conflicts, on the other".