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Carlsson : Sweden willing to develop relations with Tunisia

Published the:  22/02/2012

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February 22, 2012 - TAP - Sweden is willing to support Tunisia with European institutions in talks for accession to an "advanced status," while seeking to develop its relations in different areas, said Mr. Gunilla Carlsson, visiting Swedish Minister for International Development Co-operation.

During a meeting held Wednesday in Tunis with Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali, Mr. Carlsson also expressed her admiration at the Tunisian election experience and the pertinent approach adopted in the management of the transitional stage experienced by the country.

"Sweden looks with admiration at the Tunisian experience in matters of peaceful transition and the comprehensive vision adopted by the Government to develop the economic, social and cultural sectors," said the Swedish Minister.

Mr. Jebali said the democratic process is irreversible and the approach adopted by the country is based on the principles of right balance and openness, emphasising the role of women in building society.

He also spoke about the difficult economic situation in Tunisia resulting from the increase in job applications and the impact of the recent developments of the global economic situation.