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Cabinet announces decisions on corruption and embezzlement cases

Published the:  10/03/2012

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March 10, 2012 - TAP - A Cabinet meeting was held on Saturday, and announcement was made of a set of decisions to rule, as soon as possible, on the corruption and embezzlement cases.
Meeting under chairmanship of Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali, the Cabinet decided to:
  • Appoint as soon as possible a chairman to the National Anti-Corruption Authority, in compliance with the 2011 framework decree n°120 on fight against corruption.
  • Draft an amendment to the framework anti-corruption decree, to better define the Authority's prerogatives before submitting the bill to the National Constituent Assembly.
  • Institute the principle of training a judiciary group within the Tunis First Instance Court to examine and investigate the cases of financial corruption, and provide this body with the required human and material resources.
  • Set up a commission within the Prime Ministry to speed up conciliation procedures in cases that could be subject to conciliation, in compliance with law in force.
This decision is prior to the institution of a law on transitional justice, in conformity with the provisions of the Organization of Provisional Public Authorities Act.
The Cabinet also looked at the situation of the foreclosure commission created by virtue of the 2011 decree-law n°13.
In this regard, the Cabinet decided to make available to this commission all the needed human and material resources to accelerate its works.