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Tunisia-EU economic co-operation reviewed

Published the:  25/04/2012

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April 25, 2012 - TAP - Development of the economic co-operation between Tunisia and the European Union (EU) was the focus of Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali's meeting, on Wednesday, with EU Special Representative for the Mediterranean Southern Region Bernardino Leon.
The latter pointed out, at the end of talk, that the meeting had been an occasion to review the projects scheduled between EU and Tunisia as part of the Economic Investment Council and to discuss preparations for the Council's meeting next June in Tunis.
The meeting, he added, had also offered the opportunity to reassert the importance of financial and tourist sectors in energizing the Tunisian economy.
Mr. Leon had visited Tunisia, late in 2011, to prepare a first meeting with the various players on the national scene, to better understand the challenges facing Tunisia at the pre-election stage.
It is worth recalling that the creation of the Economic Investment Council is part of the Task Force for Tunisia, whose objective is to co-ordinate and mobilize efforts for the benefit of the country and its democratic process.