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Jebali : Part of additional resources will be dedicated to infrastructure, public amenities

Published the:  27/04/2012

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April 27, 2012 - TAP - Interim Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali said part of the additional resources (estimated at 2.5 billion Tunisian dinars) dedicated to funding the economic and social programme of the Government will come from retrieved funds and selling of seized property of the ousted president and his family.
Answering questions of the National Constituent Assembly members at a plenary session held Friday to discuss the supplementary budget law for 2012, he said that the property (jewelry, cars...) of the ousted president's family will be offered for public sale at the Exhibition Centre of El Kram in summer 2012.
Part of the real estate, namely large villas and presidential palaces will be put to international bid.
Mr. Jebali said the State will continue selling seized assets in several companies active in competitive areas which is likely to reduce the country's debt.
On the mobilisation of 450 MTD from voluntary donations of public employees, professionals, Tunisian immigrants and companies..., the PM said an awareness campaign will be conducted to this effect.
He also said that the current situation of the country requires resorting to foreign funding, saying that Tunisia has received to date 450 MTD, pending the disbursement in the coming period of over 150 MTD from sisterly and friendly countries.
He added that a large part of the development spending will be directed to the promotion of infrastructure and public amenities (Tunis/Kairouan/Kasserine/Sidi Bouzid highway network, in addition to the construction of a motorway in the western region proposed by the current Government).
Scientific criteria have been adopted to protect the right of each region to investment projects, he stressed.
The Interim Prime Minister said, in this context, that regional development areas shall be reviewed, in light of updated data on all regions.
With regard to Islamic finance, he said that a committee created in the Finance Ministry is developing the Government's proposal on draft laws specific to Islamic finance products. These bills will be submitted to the Constituent Assembly for discussion.
Mr. Jebali also pointed out that a team of experts have been tasked with monitoring all the actions of the Government and projects planned in the next period.
These experts will also be entrusted with defining difficulties that might impede the implementation of these projects in all regions.