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Kamel Labidi : PM affirms that era of stranglehold on media is in the past

Published the:  30/04/2012

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April 30, 2012 - TAP - Interim Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali affirmed that "the era of stranglehold on the media is for good in the past," said on Monday Kamel Labidi, Head of the National Authority for Reform of Information and Communication (INRIC), after extending to the PM the INRIC final report."
Hamadi Jebali emphasised the will of political leaders to see Tunisia enjoy, like all democratic countries, a free, independent and pluralistic press," he added.
Besides, Labidi stressed that decision-makers, the executive and legislative powers and the civil society should read the report, explaining that "the reform of information requires to be informed of all the abuses suffered by the press in the last two decades, be they the destruction of media institutions or the muzzling of the press ".
He also voiced satisfaction at "the clear political will to adopt this report as a basis for a serious and constructive dialogue on the reform of information in Tunisia".