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An Official Statement about the Temporary Postponement of the Second Consultative Working Session about The Media Sector

Published the:  04/09/2012

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04 st of September 2012 - The Government presidency announces that the second consultative meeting about the media sector, scheduled to be held today Tuesday September 4, 2012, was postponed on the basis of the decision of The National Union of Tunisian Journalists (SNJT) and The General Union of Culture and Information to suspend temporary their participation in the mentioned working session.
The context of the second working session scheduled for this day is the activation of the consultative framework decided after the meeting of the chief of the government Mr. Hamadi Jebali with the representatives of professional structures of the media sector at The Government Palace in El Kasbah on 23rd of August 2012.
The Government Presidency, despite being upset for the temporary postponement, it emphasized on the following points:
  • The keenness of the chief of the government and the participated parties in the consultative framework to respect freedom of press and expression and their will to provide all the necessary favorable conditions to attain this goal.
  • The necessity of common positive interaction towards the general topics and issues related to the media sector and the acceleration of the activation of the dialogue and consultation mechanisms.