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Ninety ninth periodic media meeting

Published the:  25/10/2012

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25th of October 2012 - On the occasion of the ninety ninth periodic media meeting held today morning at the Government Palace in El Kasbah the Advisor to the Minister of Religious Affairs Mr. Sabri Gharbi shed light on the latest news of the pilgrimage and talked about the situation of our pilgrims during the performance of their rites the day of Arafa.
Mr. Sabri Gharbi revealed that all capacities were harnessed to provide effective health care to more than 10 thousand pilgrims doing their rites of the day of Arafa. The advisor to the minister of religious affairs emphasized on the fact that  the volunteered members of the delegation of health did more than 1200 consultations and cases of interventions and that therapeutics points are available in the required manner and that the medical mission made extensive field visits to the residences of pilgrims in order to check them. Mr. Gharbi considered that the season of pilgrimage for this year was a success and special comparing to other seasons.