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The Chief of Government at the Opening Session of the National Conference for Dialogue

Published the:  16/10/2012

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16th of October 2012 - At the invitation of the General Union of Tunisian Workers, the chief of government Mr. Hamadi Jebali attended yesterday the inauguration of the works of the national conference on dialogue at the Conference Palace in the capital Tunis. The latter was launched under the initiative of the union organization which perceived the need to hold a national conference that unifies all parties composing the political spectrum in Tunisia. At the beginning of his speech, the chief of government appreciated the initiative of the union consisting holding a national dialogue and inviting everyone to interact with it. This fact will devote cooperation in order to establish a stable and positive social climate that contributes to overcome the transitional period successfully.
At the same time, the chief of government Mr. Hamadi Jebali emphasized on the fact that securing the revolution requires definite breakdown with both mechanisms and symbols of oppression and tyranny in a way that the people restore its sovereignty and right to equitable distribution of wealth and enjoy the fundamentals of freedom, dignity and equality. Mr. Hamadi Jebali pointed out that the construction of the New Tunisia depends on the consensus of our elites from politicians, social actors, businessmen and civil society.
The chief of government stressed that the accuracy of the stage and its requirements entitle the highlight of issues related to the fixation of a calendar for the completion of the drafting of the new constitution and the deadline of the next elections. Added to that, it is necessary to agree on the nature of the expected political system, the interim commission of judiciary, the independent commission of media and the high independent commission of elections.
 Mr. Hamadi Jebali noted that the agreement on the key issues and on determining calendar stage and priorities will enable the National Constituent Assembly to develop a clear road map that makes its members aware of their responsibilities towards the people in accelerating the completion of their work in the deadline. The chief of government concluded by a clarification that the keenness on the contribution in the initiative and the achievement of political consensus is important and required but remains incomplete if it does not correlate with the keenness on the contribution to the establishement of a state of security, stability and social peace and enhancing the trust in national choices.
The chief of government Mr. Hamadi Jebali declared that during these significant historical stages the responsibility of everyone seems to be clear in the sharing and integration of roles in order to ensure a phase of democratic transition. Mr. Jebali renovates his appreciation of the initiative of the union to call for a national dialogue, highlighting the need for more cooperation of the union organization to establish a stable and positive climate that contributes to overcome the transitional period successfully.
Mr. Hamadi Jebali emphasized on the vital national role entrusted to our institutions and media elites for more engagement in this stage and its essential issues on the basis of responsibility and professionalism ending with highlighting public opinion on the nature of challenges and motivating the citizens for more engagement in the public interest and help them rationalize their electoral choice to enhance the national political choice and strengthen the national union.
In the conclusion, Mr. Hamadi Jebali expressed his hope to achieve the desired success from the initiative calling in parallel to submit the results of its works to the members of the National Constituent Assembly as a symbol of legitimacy and sovereignty and hence including them in the public debate as to help accelerating the end of its proceedings and open the way for the organization of the forthcoming elections as soon as possible and conduct them in the best conditions in order to achieve the expectations of Tunisians to develop their country and to attain the objectives of the revolution.