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The Chief of Government Made a Speech Exclusively for Radio Express FM

Published the:  05/10/2012

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5th of October 2012 - The chief of government made this morning a comprehensive speech to the journalist Wassim Ben Arbi from Radio Express FM in which he addressed to the various matters that concern the public opinion in recent times.
Politically speaking, the chief of government stressed on the fact that any party ,especially those active in the political field, should judge themselves concerning what they have and what they did before talking about the legitimacy of October 23.
Mr. Hamadi Jebali indicated that the constitutional, legal and popular legitimacy does not end on 23 October. He declared that« I consider this date an opportunity to pay attention, stimulation, acceleration, and reconciliation. » The chief of government added that an agreement should be made on the calendar for elections as soon as possible in order to make the people and investors feel secure and to reassure the future of the revolution and its success. He explained that it is preferable to hold elections before the summer to form the favorable government and start the preparation of budget 2014.
Economically speaking, Mr. Hamadi Jebali affirmed that the decline in currency reserves due to a decline in exports because of the deterioration of the economic situation of our neighbours and that of some sectors such as phosphate, oil, and gas as well as increased imports of consumer goods. He also referred to the fact that the government started promoting in the prices of some luxury items.
Mr. Hamadi Jebali highlighted that the issue of businessmen accused for corruption will be soon resolved despite the complexity of the matter. He added that the government was able to employ 61 thousand people during the current year and to achieve a growth rate of 3.3 so far. In the same context, Mr. Hamadi Jebali noticed that the revolution cannot succeed without reinforcing the principle of the sanctity of work. The chief of government announced that there are more than 100 thousand jobs vacant at the moment and many international companies left our country because of the lack of manpower.