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The Chief of Government conferred with Members of the General Union of Culture and Information

Published the:  03/05/2013

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3rd of May 2013 - The Chief of Government Mr. Ali Larayedh conferred today afternoon at the Government Palace in El Kasbah with members of the General Union of Culture and Information affiliated to the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT), headed by Mr. Nabil Jamour. The meeting was in the presence of Mr. Noureddine B’hiri, Minister to the Chief of Government.

Mr. Nabil Jamour considered that the delegation’s meeting with the Chief of Government was a good initiative characterized by frankness. The conversation was an occasion to deal with multiple issues related to press and media sectors as a result of accumulation of previous eras because of manipulation and interference in the media field.

The trade union delegation affirmed that the chief of government emphasized on the fact that this meeting will not be the last one. He promised to hold meetings with all relevant institutions in order to make reforms, to serve the free responsible and neutral media and to achieve the freedom of expression.

The members of the General Union of Culture and Information highlighted the importance of dialogue and discussion to resolve various outstanding issues in the field of journalism and information and overcome all breaches in media organizations.