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We are Determined to Eradicate Terrorism from our Country

Published the:  08/05/2013

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7th of May 2013 - The National Defense Ministrys Spokesman Colonel Mokhtar Ben Nasr and Interior Ministrys Spokesman Mohamed Ali Aroui were invited at a press briefing held on Tuesday at the Government Presidency in El Kasbah to talk about the late news on current events of Mount Chaambi and the strategic measures taken to face them.

Spokesman of the National Defense Ministry Colonel Mokhtar Ben Nasr said that the sweeping operations and the search for the remaining terrorist elements in Mount Chaambi are still taking place in coordination and cooperation with the various security forces. He emphasized on the fact that more than 15 army and security personnel were injured and that a number of mines laid throughout the region were destructed.

The representative of the National Ministry of Defense explained that the mines used by the terrorists are traditionally made thats why it was difficult to discover them by detectors. He drew attention to the destruction of 16 cache mostly caves. Security forces found documents, letters and books competent in making explosives.

Mohamed Ali Aroui declared that 37 individuals involved in the events of Mount Chaambi were arrested and that nearly 26 are still on the run.

The National Defense Ministrys Spokesman Colonel and Interior Ministrys Spokesman highlighted the army and security forcess determination to defend the sanctity of the home and eradicate the threat of terrorism and crime in all its forms.