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Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan during a Brief Visit to Tunisia

Published the:  09/10/2013

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9 October 2013 - The Head of Government Mr. Ali larayedh received on Tuesday at Tunis-Carthage airport Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan who was accompanied bya ministerial delegation includes the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Defence, Economy and Religious Affairs.
In a statement to the press, the Head of Government declared that the visit was an opportunity to discussion and expression of sincere determination to boost cooperation between the two sisterly countries.
The visit was also an occasion to talk about some aspects and files of common interest, notably as regards security issues of mutual interest, especially the fight against terrorism and protection of borders.
Mr. Ali Larayedh affirmed that Tunisia and Libya are willing to protect each other revolution by controlling the borders and fighting against terrorism to ensure stability, realize prosperity and enhance cooperation efforts.
The Head of Government concluded his speech by saying that ″the Future of the Relationship between Tunisia and Libya Promises all Good″
For his part, the Libyan Prime Minister said that his visit to Tunisia, despite being short, aimed to salute the Tunisian People, strengthen the close ties binding the two countries, as well as support compatibility and develop bilateral cooperation in all areas, mainly in the security and economic fields.