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The Head of Government in response to the Interventions of the House of People’s Representatives Deputies

Published the:  11/12/2014

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December 11, 2014 - In his response to the interventions of the House of the People’s Representatives (HPR) Deputies on the 2015 State budget, the Head of Government Mr. Mehdi Jomaa emphasized on the fact that work and improvement of productivity are the only means to curb inflation.

He added that his government had no objection to the allocation of a budget for an increase in wages for the next year if HPR deputies decided to do so.

On one hand, Mr. Mehdi Jomaa considered that one of the causes of inflation in Tunisia is the exchange prices, noting that 87 percent of products are free and their prices cannot be controlled.

On the other hand, Mr. Mehdi Jomaa stressed that the government was keen to control distribution channels and reduce smuggling, registered in this context a significant improvement in targeting the networks that interact with terrorism and provide it with logistics.

Mr. Mehdi Jomaa pointed out that his government has exerted efforts on the following three levels: the insurance of the success of transition and the achievement of security stability and economic recovery. In the same context, he referred to the efforts that have been made to the success of the electoral process,notably the legislative elections and the first round of the presidential elections; the same approach will be carried out in the runoff.

Regarding the security situation, Mr. Mehdi Jomaa said the government has worked on several areas that include the belief and trust through confidence retrieval in the security institution as well as the coordination and organization to achieve further efficiency on the security structures' intervention.

Moreover the Head of Government said that the government raises the budgets allocated to the Interior and Defence Ministries.

 At the economic level, Mr. Jomaa affirmed that his government has worked on reviving some sectors and reestablishing the country's general balances.

He also pointed out that "the government has managed to limit the State budget deficit to 6%, this rate should be lowered to 5% in 2015 against 9% if the government does not take the necessary measures."

In response to criticism of some deputies that the budget did not provide a long-term vision for the economic policy of the country, Mr. Mehdi Jomaa stressed that his government has prepared a long-term economic strategy that had been presented to financial backers and had been appreciated by several international sides and will be submitted to the next government.

In terms of regional development, the Head of Government highlighted that what matters is not the setting up of projects , but the difficulties encountered by these projects at the implementation level, noting that his government has started in overcoming some of the difficulties in the regions, highlighting the need to restructure the Tunisian administration for further simplification of procedures

Mr. Mehdi Jomaa declared that his government has no objection to the allocation of a budget for an increase in wages for the next year if the HPR deputies decided to do so.

On the other hand,  Mr. Jomaa emphasized on government was keenness  to give the social aspect of the importance it deserves in consultation and coordination with the Tunisian General Labour Union (UGTT), noting that his government has worked to implement 47 agreements with the UGTT in  2014 so as to ensure a suitable  social climate in the country.