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The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21)

Published the:  30/11/2015

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30 November 2015 - TAP - Tunisia will reduce its CO2 emissions by 41% in 2030, said Prime Minister Habib Essid.

A 13% share of this reduction will be a voluntary and non-conditioned contribution while the remainder, i.e. 28% will be mobilized through financing, transfer of technology and capacity-building in adaptation to climate changes, he noted.

Delivering Tunisia’s speech to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21) which kicked off Monday in Paris, Essid recalled that Tunisia has been leading in the adoption of and commitment to all international agreements.

This commitment has been materialized through integrating the concept of climate change as a national priority in the preamble of the constitution, besides the constitutional aspect given to the right to a healthy and balanced environment, he said.

Moreover, a constitutional authority responsible for sustainable development and rights of future generations was created, he added.

Essid also affirmed that Tunisia will in COP 21 negotiations make every effort to ensure the success of this event and reach an agreement on the establishment of a mechanism binding to all sides.

The desired goal is to commit them to shouldering their historical responsibility towards humanity, he indicated.

The Prime Minister emphasized the key participation of the international community and different financing mechanisms such as the Green Climate Fund to financially and technically assist developing countries address climate changes.

The world yearns for the success of this conference and the adoption of an international agreement likely to meet the challenges of climate changes, said Essid.

He added that the earth is facing many challenges, particularly climate changes, calling to cut the emissions of greenhouse gases and strengthen green economy, besides transfer of clean technology to developing countries.

150 heads of state and governments and civil society representatives from 195 countries, besides experts in environment are taking part in COP 21.

Tight security measures have been taken by the French authorities after last November 13 terrorist attacks on the French capital that left 130 people dead.