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The meeting of the security co-ordination and monitoring unit 

Published the:  09/02/2016

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09 February 2016 - TAP - The meeting of the security co-ordination and monitoring unit, on Tuesday, in the government palace in Kasbah, was devoted to the examination of the security situation in the country and the latest developments in Libya in light of the proliferation of Daech group in this country and the attempts of infiltration of the terrorist elements on the Tunisian soil.


Chaired by Prime Minister Habib Essid, the unit highlighted the efforts exerted to prevent and fight against terrorism, commending, on this occasion, the success of the anticipatory operations, hunting down terrorists in addition to thwarting several terrorist plans.

According to a statement of the Prime Ministry, the security co-ordination and monitoring unit decided the strengthening of the military and security presence on the border.  “The terrorist threat on the national security requires showing vigilance and not hampering the efforts of the security forces and the army in their fight against terrorism,” the same statement reads.

The unit also decided to make inspection visits to the institutions to ensure the materialization of the measures related to self-protection of the concerned institutions.  The unit reviewed the furtherance of the projects set, aimed to boost equipment and materials of the military and security institutions and improve the material conditions of the security officers.

The meeting was attended by Ministers of National Defence, Interior, Foreign Affairs as well as senior military and security executives.