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Cabinet meeting considers project on national territorial coverage in municipal system

Published the:  09/02/2016

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09 February 2016 - TAP - An inner Cabinet meeting, on Tuesday, considered a project on national territorial coverage in municipal system.

The meeting held at the Government Palace in Kasbah under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Habib Essid discussed the national strategy on the generalization of the municipal system to achieve an overall territorial coverage in all local communities in such a manner as to uphold the principle of equity and equality between citizens in political, civil and socio-economic rights.

The meeting also discussed the results of the diagnosis of the municipal situation and that of areas concerned in terms of infrastructure, basic amenities, composition of population and active cultural, social and economic structures.

The Prime Minister said the final vision on the coverage of the municipal system must comply with the constitutional principles and meet citizens’ expectations.

He also emphasized the need to value experiences related to the country’s administrative organization to boost local economic development and strengthen decentralization.