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Cultural diplomacy strategy under focus as PM meets Culture Minister

Published the:  16/02/2016

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16 February 2016 TAP - Prime Minister Habib Essid received, on Tuesday, Minister of Culture and Heritage Preservation Sonia Mbarek who briefed him on the future activities of the ministry, particularly the cultural diplomacy strategy.

The strategy aims to promote the cultural and civilizational heritage of Tunisia abroad but also nationally and regionally, the Prime Ministry said in a press release.

Quoted in the release, the Minister of Culture said it has informed the Prime Minister of the outcome of her recent visit to the Governorate of Jendouba that saw the announcement of the creation of a center of dramatic arts in the region.

It was also decided to co-ordinate with special security units to protect the museum of Chemtou, pending its opening to the public; besides the establishment of several libraries in rural schools before generalizing this experience in other regions of the country.

In this regard, she emphasized the importance of speeding up the realization of urgent programs, including providing interior regions with adequate equipment and executives, to encourage cultural creativity.

To implement these programs and lay a participatory culture, Sonia Mbarek stressed the need to involve the civil society operating in these regions to develop ideas and visions.

The Minister of Culture said the Prime Minister expressed his support to the various proposals and programs presented and encouraged initiatives to promote cultural action and lay down the foundations of a new cultural policy in Tunisia.