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Prime Minister meets ambassadors of G7 countries in Tunis

Published the:  17/02/2016

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17 February 2016 - TAP - Prime Minister Habib Essid met, on Wednesday in Dhiafa Palace, with the ambassadors of the top 7 most industrialized countries in the world (G7).

“Tunisia aspires to garner increased support from its partners to implement its reform programs,” said the Prime Minister, praising the level of co-operation and co-ordination with the most industrialized countries in the world, particularly in the security field,” reads a press release from the Prime Ministry.

The ambassadors of G7 countries presented to the Prime Minister the forms of support their countries could provide to Tunisia to implement its economic projects and programs, in accordance with the principle of equal co-operation and partnership.

They also said their countries are willing to make their expertise available to Tunisia in all fields.