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Prime Ministry monitoring recent decisions on employment

Published the:  17/02/2016

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17 February 2016 - TAP - The Prime Ministry’s services and concerned Ministries are working to carefully set practical arrangements to implement the decisions related to employment announced by the Prime Minister last January 28.

According to a statement of the Prime Ministry published Wednesday, these decisions “are part of the commitment to end precarious employment in line with a precise schedule coupled with pre-set deadlines.”

In this regard, the Prime Ministry has established lists of workers of the Mechanisms 16 and 20, said the same statement.

Similarly, the verification of situations of agents and construction workers has started, the same source reveals, pointing to “the necessary measures taken to organize staffing competitions in the public service and public enterprises before the end of next March.”

According to the same statement, the Prime Ministry has determined, with the concerned Ministries, the ministerial departments allowed to hire for the year 2016 as well as the number of vacant positions.

In this connection, the Prime Ministry set appropriate measures to ensure more transparency during the competitions, citing in this respect, the participation of civil society representatives in the  exams’ committees.