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Prime Ministry lodges complaint after security personnel invade premises

Published the:  27/02/2016

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27 February 2016 - TAP - The Prime Ministry said Saturday it lodged a complaint with the Public Prosecutor at the Tunis 1 Court of First Instance so as to pursue legal action against the leadership of the Union of Internal Security Forces.

The leaders of the union will be sued for invading the building of the ministry, brandishing threats of disobedience and  shouting political slogans and improper words that harm the prestige of the State and its institutions, said a Prime Ministry press release.

Legal action will also be brought against the leaders of the union for hindering the proper functioning of the State services, inciting trouble, disrupting public order and breaching provisions of the state of emergency.

The Prime Ministry said Friday it intends to institute legal proceedings against all those involved. Such a conduct cannot be tolerated and has nothing to do with trade union action, it indicated.

A large number of security personnel rallied Thursday at El Kasbah Square at the call of the Union of Internal Security Forces, in protest over pay and social conditions.